SureTouch provides peace of mind to clinicians and providers by ensuring that almost no abnormalities get missed.  While 80 percent of newly diagnosed breast cancers are found by the sense of touch, the average size lump found by women through self-exam is 2.5cm and the average size lump found by trained medical clinicians using palpation is 1cm. SureTouch breast exams are far more sensitive than human touch and can detect significantly smaller lesions than a medical clinician. 

The Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) represents the first line of screening defense in the monitoring of breast health. However, the CBE is subjective and limited in accuracy and can potentially allow breast tissue abnormalities to go undiagnosed, leading to 30%-40% false negatives and increased medical liability. 

SureTouch delivers a more precise breast exam than any physician can deliver. SureTouch objectively digitizes and accurately measures any detectable masses in the breast, removing the subjectivity and variability of the physician’s touch.  In addition, SureTouch creates a detailed report for future comparisons.  

SureTouch is more likely to find earlier lesions than a CBE and therefore increase cure rates.