An annual breast exam to catch breast cancer early is the only way to 'beat' this most common women's cancer. 

Why SureTouch?

It doesn't hurt. No smooshing.

It takes 10 minutes. About 5 minutes for an examiner to gently move a sensor across the surface of each breast. Then you're done for a year.

There's no radiation. None. As in zero. Zip. Nada. No danger of any sort.

Immediate results. We think that waiting forest results is horrible; we give you yours before you leave from the exam.

It's actually simple. Catch breast cancer early and it doesn't have to ruin or end your life. 98 to 100% of women who catch their breast cancer at Stage 1 survive. With SureTouch, there's no need to avoid getting checked. And there are no confusing recommendations -- every woman can have a SureTouch exam.

SureTouch doesn't require breast compression so there's nothing to fear about the exam.

You don't have to wait for the results of your SureTouch exam.

During your exam, you watch the same screen as the examiner - and she will explain what you're seeing during the exam. As soon as you're done, your results are printed for you and explained. If you have an abnormal mass detected on your exam, the Sure examiner will give you detailed and clear instructions of what to do next with a printed copy of those instructions, as well as a copy of your results for your doctor..

SureTouch enables all areas of the breast to be comfortably and accurately examined.

Many women don’t realize that most breast screening technologies have difficulty accurately evaluating the upper, outer portion of the breast and especially the portion of your breast that extends into your armpit. Not so with SureTouch. The SureTouch sensor evaluates these portions of the breast easily and accurately.