Irfan Shafique, MD

(Sure, Inc. Chief Medical Officer)

For more than two decades, Dr. Shafique has been involved in PET / Molecular imaging and has served on numerous committees as a member of Johns Hopkins' faculty. He has also directed many cardiac computed tomography symposiums and currently co-directs the cardiac computed tomography fellowship teaching/training practicum at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center (“Johns Hopkins BMC”). Dr. Shafique is the Chief Medical Officer of Cardiac America - a unique collaboration of cardiologists and radiologists, combining technology with the daily practice of medicine.

As a pioneer of the cardiac computed tomography program at Johns Hopkins BMC, Dr. Shafique has authored and presented many publications at major national and international meetings. He was first in presenting to the American Heart Association regarding the significance of non-cardiac findings in cardiac computed tomography angiography and was the first to form a collaborative cardiology program at Johns Hopkins BMC.