Screening for the early detection of breast cancer can be a hugely confusing topic and hard to research online. There are simple guidelines for how you can best protect yourself. Here they are:

  • Get screened every year.  Some kind of exam every year – not every three, or four, but every year.  That’s by far the best way to catch a breast cancer early.  If you let more time than a year pass between exams, a cancer that could be caught at Stage 1 and beaten easily, can grow to an advanced stage.

  • Combine SureTouch exams with mammography. If you are willing. Let’s simplify an often-confusing issue:

    • Many doctors are recommending mammograms every 2 or three years.  This is because annual mammogramsare not recommended by many doctors and professional groups, because of radiation and other concerns.  BE CLEAR:  Annual exams of some sort are still the only way to find cancer early.

    • Have a SureTouch exam in between the years you have a mammogram.  For most women, this means a mammogram every 3 years and yearly breast exam that includes SureTouch.

  • Get an annual SureTouch exam.  SureTouch is not a substitute for mammography – they are different kinds of tests and actually don’t directly compare.  But 21 million women over 40 in the US refuse to have a mammogram, and we at Sure don’t believe that they (you?)  should be denied the protection of detecting breast cancer early when we have a technology that works well.