SureTouch is an FDA cleared device that uses a unique technology to detect breast masses including breast cancer. 

SureTouch detects abnormal masses in the breast by identifying masses that are harder than the surrounding breast tissue; cancer is very hard compared to normal breast tissue. 

The key to the SureTouch device are the sensors in the sensor module.  These sensors were developed to be ultrasensitive and accurate, and are patent protected by Sure, Inc.  Only SureTouch has sensors that are accurate enough to add such accuracy to a breast exam – never accept a look alike product.

The SureTouch device uses a technology that’s been studied and used for more than 20 years – elastography – to create an accurate image of the breast during a breast exam.  When the sensors module is passed gently over the breast is will sense, or “feel,” masses even if they are small and deep within the breast.  This information is used to create an image of the breast tissue and allows a SureTouch examiner to identify abnormal masses.  Once identified, breast ultrasound or another exam recommended by your physician is used to determine if an abnormal mass is cancer or is benign (not cancer). 

By measuring hardness, rather than density, SureTouch can create accurate images of even dense breasts.