The SureTouch Mobile Breast Exam is a cloud based service enabled by proprietary tactile sensor technology, originally developed at Harvard University, to capture the sense of touch that accounts for 80% of breast cancers found today. It is a painless, radiation-free digital breast exam comprised of a wireless sensor, a touch screen display, and the SureTouch network as illustrated in the image to the right.

SureTouch Mobile breast exam is FDA-cleared (FDA #K010514) for producing surface map of the breast as an aid to document palpable breast lesions identified during a clinical breast exam (CBE).


As the examiner gently moves SureTouch Mobile hand-held sensor across the breast and underarm area, multidimensional color images instantly appear on a touch screen display in real-time as shown to the left, allowing the patient and clinician to view the size, shape, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately.

When the exam is finished, patient information and exam data are automatically uploaded to the SureTouch Network. Centralized servers receive and process the data, which can then be accessed by the Physician. Since SureTouch exams are digitally recorded, results can be tracked and stored.  The clinician can easily compare the latest report to earlier results, which means more peace of mind for the clinician and patient.