More than 200,000 women have had SureTouch exams!

SureTouch is being used in the U.S., China, and South America, as an effective way to detect breast cancer early.  Many more countries and their governments are in line to use SureTouch.

In every country and culture, SureTouch is a tremendous hit.  No pain, no radiation and a small device that can be used almost anywhere - when you combine these features with SureTouch examiners that are specially trained by Sure, chosen because of their compassion and communication skills, and give women their results right away – women who have never been screened for breast cancer start protecting themselves.

Not only do women who have never been screened start getting exams, but they also spread the word – to family and friends – that SureTouch is easy.  We’re getting women to start screening for the very first time, and to re-start screening after years away.

Perhaps it’s time for you to start annual SureTouch exams?