Why This Is Important To Clinicians:

SureTouch is important to clinicians as it provides assurance that no breast abnormalities get missed.


SureTouch is a simple procedure using a hand-held device that captures a graphic representation of an amplified map of breast tissue. It is more sensitive than human touch and can detect smaller lesions than a medical clinician. With SureTouch, the patient and the doctor view the size, shape, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately during the examination to enable immediate - and potentially life-saving - actions.  

SureTouch produces more objective and reliable data than the clinical breast exam (CBE) in the important areas of breast mass size, hardness, consistency and location. It is less likely to miss breast masses than a CBE, resulting in earlier detection of breast cancer, especially when a CBE is performed by less experienced clinicians, those in training, and those who perform CBEs infrequently.