We designed the SureTouch exam as an experience that can soften the annual screening experience. 

Our technology is painless and safe.

Our examiners are carefully trained and are with you throughout the examination process. As they perform your exam, they’ll explain everything – what they’re seeing during the breast exam using the SureTouch device (you can see the screen as well), what any findings mean. And as soon as your exam is done, we’ll explain the results to you. No waiting, no confusion.

In any annual exam process, the goal is to identify masses that are suspicious – that’s what screening does. That’s how you catch cancers early. SureTouch doesn’t tell you what a mass is, that’s not the role of any screening exam. Instead, women with a mass found by SureTouch must have another exam, usually a breast ultrasound – to determine if their mass is cancer. Most masses found with SureTouch exams will not be cancer; but every suspicious mass must be evaluated so that no cancer is missed.