In its standard service model, the SureTouch breast exam service is billed at $25 per exam, and equipment is provided free of charge to providers. Training and warranty are included as part of the service while providers are responsible for delivering SureTouch breast exams to their patients. 

SureTouch service can also be extended to include the delivery of exams. When Providers choose this option, our team provides them with highly qualified SureTouch examiners that deliver the exams to patients and the service is billed at $50 per exam while the equipment is provided free of charge.

Under a physician’s supervision, providers are currently being reimbursed an average of $107 for conducting a SureTouch breast exam using existing CPT code 99214 and the ICD 9 code of V76.19.

  • SureTouch increases revenue sources with minimal time commitment from clinicians
  • SureTouch has far lower equipment costs than other standard imaging modalities and can be performed in the medical office by non-physician staff