Sure, Inc. is a physician-led company focused on one thing: providing a comfortable, accurate breast exam to the 21 million women in the US and the 95% of women globally who are not protected through traditional breast cancer screening.

We are Physicians.

Radiologists, breast surgeons, oncologists, ob/gyn’s, family docs. We’ve all delivered the very bad news that a breast cancer is advanced, knowing that it could have been discovered at a much less-serious stage with early detection and screening. Now we have SureTouch, a device that, as part of a breast exam and when added to mammography, creates a more comprehensive early detection program. We all took the same oath with these words: “I will prevent disease whenever I can;” that’s exactly why we are part of Sure.

 We are activists.

Community health experts, boots-on-the-ground health workers, and breast cancer survivors who volunteer to get women who aren’t screened into screening by every and any means possible. We know firsthand what the data shows: that the number of women in the “screening gap” – women who should be getting annual checks but aren’t – isn’t changing significantly and hasn’t changed for a very long time. We have a tool to change that, and we’re fired up.

We are technologists.

Engineers, roboticists, imaging specialists. We’ve all been a part of building and harnessing very cool tech products, gadgets and technology initiatives. Our experience is measured in decades and we’re from many different industries. Now we have the chance to save lives, a lot of lives, and that keeps us up nights working to keep refining the SureTouch device. It’s fun to make a new ‘something;’ it’s compelling to be able to say that our work saved her.

We are a team with a single goal. 

Lives. Save lives. To date, the vast majority of women we have examined are those who will not engage in or do not have access to traditional screening. We give these women the opportunity for a new kind of breast exam with SureTouch, and they are so relieved to be screened, and so comfortable with the process, that they tell their friends and family to get SureTouch exams – and they doExpanding early detection by adding SureTouch to mammography to produce a comprehensive screening program will save more lives than any advances in treatment. And that is our number one goal, our compelling mission, our consuming ambition.

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